This page talks about Qi.


What is Qi (Chi) ?2009

The qi as my acupuncture.

 Acupuncture treatments are not mere physical stimulation treatment. I can tell with BIG confidence.

 Qi exists surely. It is never just an abstract concept. I guess no one can visualize qi like a picture or something. but, I believe that you all can feel qi in some Japanese traditional acupuncture treatments. Especially you can feel it when you get the tonification (the way of that enhance your qi by acupuncture treatment). My acupuncture is the one in that.

 Qi includes spirit and mind, makes the life. A human body is anytime affected by qianytime.
Qi-deficiency can be the cause of many kind of illnesses. Not only body problems, the situation often causes a psychosis.

 One of my techniques is non-prick acupuncture. I use non-prick acupuncture as tonification in treatments. It means I can make you feel better with almost painless.


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