Hideki Takagi talks about his methods.


The method of mine2009

Why Teishin?

 During treatment with the teishin, no needles are inserted into the body and the therapist can achieve a curative effect without causing any pain.
 This is especially useful for sensitive patients and children. Not only is teishin treatment painless but it is also completely safe, there is no risk of cross contamination and the therapist does not have to practice strict infection control procedures.

Tonifying and Sedating methods

 I generally use a Kozato type teishin (古里式てい鍼・こざとしきていしん) which looks like a tooth pick. The needle is held at an angle between the thumb and the index finger. On tonifying, the needlepoint is directed with the channel’s flow while on sedating, it is directed against the channel flow.


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